Deal With DUIs And License Suspensions The Smart Way

Getting a DUI changes everything. In Virginia, these serious offenses can affect anyone regardless of their situation in life. Unfortunately, many who face such charges lack the resources to fight back.

Whether you face a first-offense DUI charge or got caught driving with a suspended license, it’s critical to approach the situation head on. At the law firm of defense attorney Robert G. Hyman, you’ll find the knowledge, experience and dedication you need during this critical juncture. We offer flat fees in many cases, and your initial consultation is always free.

Why risk your future when we’re just a phone call away?

The Stakes Are High

Did you get a first-time or out-of-state DUI? You might not know that Virginia’s intoxicated driving laws are particularly harsh. If a court convicts you, you may face a mandatory license suspension. You may also end up with:

  • Active jail time (time that must be actually served)
  • Suspended jail time (time hanging over your head)
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Monthly fees for vehicle interlock devices
  • The costs of classes and counseling
  • Higher insurance rates

Whether you’re in danger of losing your job (or your reputation) or simply unable to afford these costs, getting a DUI can ruin your life. Talking to a lawyer is your best chance for pursuing a better outcome.

Don’t Mount A Defense Alone

Drivers are often stopped for invalid reasons. Many people unfairly end up on the wrong side of Virginia’s confusing criminal justice system. Unfortunately, without a lawyer, you might end up overlooking key strategies for an effective defense.

We have the experience to identify strong grounds for fighting the charges — and to help you pursue opportunities such as a restricted license. For nearly four decades, our lawyer has stood beside others like you, devoting his career to helping everyday people.

Start Your Post-DUI Life On The Right Foot

Robert G. Hyman is known for giving each case personal attention. He will work to understand your problem and provide solutions that work. Take advantage of almost 40 years of experience by calling 540-699-0746 or visiting our office in Montross.

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